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Our Principles

Dear customers,

In this section I would like to introduce to you the Three Main Principles in our work, in which we believe unconditionally, follow steadily and, thereby, we build our long-term success.

Principle 1: Constant High Quality

Long-term partnerships – in order to produce our products we use raw materials with Constant High Quality. The price of the raw material is important, but is not what determines our choice of suppliers. We carefully select and loyally long-term cooperate with Bulgarian partners, who guarantee for the production and delivery of their Constant-High-Quality raw materials. This, as well, helps us produce products with Constant High Quality. All the raw materials we put in our production are strictly listed on the labels of our products – we are true to this – our Customers must be at most precisely and correctly informed.

“Technology In The Tradition” – this is our motto. We adopted a modern technology and produce Genuine High-quality products, as we constantly control the set parameters on every stage of our production process digitally.  

Our up-to-date production line includes automatic kneading of the dough, consecutively 6-stage real rolling of every single phyllo sheet with following processes of stretching, easing and cutting it off. What happens next is carefully removing the sheets from the production line and putting them on hemispheric saches to bake. After that, the phyllo sheets are being rehydrated, folded up and packed in protective atmosphere, which is a controlled mixture of the atmospheric gases nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Teamwork – We permanently improve our skills. Our team is responsible and united. We discuss and accept every new idea with professionalism, which, as well, help us improve our production processes over and over again.


Principle 2: High Quality On An Affordable Price
”Technology In The Tradition” – Our products are Traditional and Authentic. We do not pretend to be exclusively unique – we just follow a traditional (Bulgarian) technology, based on the processes which everyone of us uses to make phyllo sheets at home – kneading, rolling, stretching, baking. That is why we want our products to be accessible to more and more of our customers. We strive for fair prices, as we keep in touch with (follow) the trends of changes in the prices of all the materials, energy consumption, etc. The selling price is determined by the Retailer – something we do not have influence on.


Principle 3: The Loyal Customer Is The One Who Builds The Success 
I Buy Over and Over Again – We do not believe in getting fast market share and in the quick return on investment. Customer is who compares, estimates, decides and chooses (picks up), and that process needs time. Trying our products once, we want you to rest satisfied and with good impressions.

We guarantee that we will not mislead you if you decide to try again.

And finally, please write to us to let us know of your impressions! Every single feedback you share is of great importance to us – we will pay attention!

I guarantee!


Bisser Tassev,

Owner & Manager


VAT № BG131355573

Production plant:
38, Dimitar Popov blvd., Industrial zone, 2050 Ihtiman, Bulgaria
e-mail: office(a)bitas.bg