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About us



BITAS Ltd. is a family company, founded in 2004. Our main business is production and trade with food products and providing transport and logistic services. We store and transport goods to sites of our partners all over the country on a weekly basis.  






БИТАС точени кори, препечени на сач


In December 2009 we started our own production of pastry products – genuinely rolled and stretched pre-baked fillo pastry sheets.


We declare and guarantee – we are producing genuinely rolled and stretched filo sheets! Our products are not extruded, which means that they are not produced by pushing the dough through a fine slit under high pressure, as is the mass market practice which is essentially not a rolling process. We also declare - our products are not 100% handmade - this sounds modern nowadays, but certainly not applicable in mass production. 


In April 2010 we developed and since then offer to our customers uniqie and with no analogue on the Bulgarian market genuinely rolled and stretched wholegrain filo pastry sheets, pre-baked, prepared with wholegrain “Graham” flour.  


Since July 2010 we are producing and offering Yufka, Homemade type, ideal for preparing the traditional Bulgarian Sweet Milky Banitsa.


In April 2016 we started a production of genuinely rolled and stretched pre-baked natural filo pastry sheets without preservatives – again we were the first ones and with no analogue on the market.


You could find our products in the local shops, as well as some of the Продуктите ни можете да намерите в кварталните, а също и in some nationally represented retail chains, which are responsibly oriented and which support quality Bulgarian production as a priority. Please visit our “Partners” section for more information.  


We would like to thank all of our customers for their trust and support over the years.

Together we are moving on!


VAT № BG131355573

Production plant:
38, Dimitar Popov blvd., Industrial zone, 2050 Ihtiman, Bulgaria
e-mail: office(a)bitas.bg